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When can I get a NIMBL?

NIMBL is officially available for purchase on Kickstarter! Secure your NIMBL now before the Kickstarter campaign ends!


Won’t the metal rust in saltwater?

No! All of NIMBL’s metal components are made out of 316 stainless steel. That's the same material used for metal boat parts! 

How strong is it?

NIMBL is rated to hold 600 lbs of force on the top deck, making it incredibly difficult to snap in half on any normal wave conditions day.

Is the compartment actually waterproof? How safe are my keys?

Yes, Aethia’s protective pouch is waterproof! Simply store your keys, phone, or whatever you want to keep safe into our pouch and seal it. Then place the pouch into NIMBL’s internal compartment for safe keeping. 

How is it the best performance foamie?

Unlike Wavestorms, Catch Surfs, or the typical run of the mill foam boards, NIMBL has actual shape. NIMBL sports a single to double concave contour, actual performance shaped rails, and a rocker that's suited for both beginner and steeper waves. 

When can I expect my Kickstarter rewards to arrive?

The Kickstarter rewards will begin shipping out to doorsteps by August 2024.

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