An Aethia is a bird! This extremely cute and amazing bird represents all the facets of our company and the culmination of our skills in aerospace and love for the outdoors; air, land and sea. The Aethia lives near the North Pacific by the Bering Sea on the coast of Alaska. They perch on the cliffs of the Alaskan wilderness during mating season, fly in large communities from the cliffs close to the water to monitor for prey, and are able to fly underwater for food to depths of up to 100 feet.

  • Aethia Outdoors CEO Andrew, born and raised in Michigan, an obsessive outdoorsman, engineer and startup enthusiast, followed a career in aerospace engineering after attending University of Michigan for his undergraduate and masters degrees. An unlikely byproduct of moving to California for work, Andrew found a love of surfing and wanted to create opportunities for everyone to surf. 

    Aethia Outdoors CTO Jet– After spending his childhood years tinkering in his parent's kitchen pantry, nicknamed Jet's lab, Jet hasn't stopped tinkering since. Gaining his mechanical engineering degree from University of Nevada Las Vegas, Jet met Andrew in California working as aerospace engineers. After being introduced to surfing, Jet ran into problems with transporting the board in his two-door car and believed he could tinker his way to a solution.

    This chance meeting of two engineers with a deep love for the outdoors, both hailing from two states with no access to the ocean, bonded over their newfound passion for surfing and founded Aethia Outdoors to bring accessibility to outdoor transportation. 

    These efforts culminated in NIMBL, the world’s first folding foam surfboard, the flagship product of Aethia outdoors. Starting as an idea on the way home from the beach while their beater foamies were clanking on the soft roof racks of Andrew’s prius, Jet and Andrew got to tinkering in their garage to make their idea a reality. After multiple prototypes, NIMBL was born and the team is so excited to be able to share it with the world/you.

    ​Please view NIMBL’s features here.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we strive to redefine outdoor sports and unlock new horizons of excitement and adventure. Check out our team's favorite past times and adventures! 

Collapsible surfboards trace their history back to 1964 when Karl Pope and Thomas Price patented the first-ever collapsible surfboard. Models such as the infamous Pope Bisect were released, contributing to the evolution of portable surfing.

Despite initial challenges, the concept persisted, providing a practical solution for surfers. The market has since evolved, featuring models like Nature Shape’s Carbon Compact  and Walden Surfboards' tri-fold design. These surfboards prioritize portability and fun, allowing surfers to avoid excess baggage fees and navigate the complexities of traveling to the beach.

Notably, all foldable surfboards to date, have been associated with hardboards rather than foamies. Aethia Outdoors is now pioneering this innovation for foam surfboards, expanding the access to surfers who desire priorities such as portability and fun.